Feature of the Measured Pressure

From a measurement perspective, based on the characteristics of whether the measured pressure changes over time.

The measured pressure can be divided into two types: static pressure and dynamic pressure. To avoid conflicts with fluid dynamics static pressure and dynamic pressure are confused, so the static pressure mentioned here is called static pressure, and dynamic pressure is called fluctuating pressure, and it is further divided into narrow definitions of fluctuating pressure and pulsating pressure.

The pressure that does not change over time is called static pressure. Of course, the pressure that remains absolutely unchanged is also not possible, therefore it is stipulated that the change in pressure and time should not exceed the pressure gauge score per minute 5% of the degree value is called static pressure.

Pressure changes over time and the amount of change per minute is greater than the pressure gauge graduation 5% of the value, at which point the pressure is called dynamic pressure.

The pressure that undergoes periodic changes over time is called pulsating pressure.