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You need more than just a pressure gauge. You need a partner. With more than 10 years of experience in designing and building endline solutions, you can rely on ELSAMED as your pressure gauge solution partner.

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What Is Bimetal Thermometer The bimetal thermomete
Differential pressure gauges are used for air-gas
A pressure gauge refers to an instr
To carry out pressure detection, a measurement sys
What is bourdon Tube? The Bourdon tube is an elast
What Is A Vacuum Pressure Gauge? Vacuum pressure g
Steam is divided into saturated steam and superhea
The air pressure correction method is a method of
The diaphragm pressure gauge consists of a diaphra

Why Choose ELSAMED

ELSAMED only have one shareholder, the founder Tiger, consistency of policy and price will be well executed. ELSAMED have hardware workshop, bourdon tube workshop, diaphragm component workshop, bimetal workshop, assembly workshop. Most of the instrument parts are produced by ourselves, parts quality can be controlled well. ELSAMED have strong R&D team to develop almost all the mechanical pressure gauges. ELSAMED have reliable after-sales service team.
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