Silicone Filled Pressure Gauge

The ELSAMED LFP4-SSS-Si is a compact industrial gauge for applications where the process fluid requires stainless steel wetted components. This gauge features a stainless steel case and can be filled with glycerine to prolong the life of the internal mechanism when exposed to vibration. It is calibrated to 1% full scale accuracy and is suitable for many industrial and processing applications.

CAUTION: A coil syphon must be installed on the connection when used on steam applications.


General Specification

CASE: 304 Stainless steel.

RING: Stainless steel, internal rotation.

LENS: Tempered glass. Safety glass is optional.

DIAL: Aluminum, white finished with black markings.

POINTER: Aluminum, black, adjustable.

MOVEMENT: Stainless steel.

TUBE & SOCKET: 316 Stainless steel.

CONNECTION: 1/2” NPT or 1/4” NPT.

ACCURACY: ±1% Full Scale (ASME B40.100 Grade 1A).

PROCESS TEMPERATURE: LFP4-SSS-Si: -40 to 250°F (-40 to 120°C),

AMBIENT TEMPERATURE: LFP4-SSS-Si: -40 to 140°F (-40 to 60°C).