Introduction to low Pressure Gauges

Low pressure gauge, scientifically name for the capsule gauge, is a kind of pressure gauge using the capsule as the sensitive element to measure the pressure, the low pressure gauge by the measurement system (including the connector, bellows, etc.), the transmission mechanism (including the tie rod mechanism and the gear transmission mechanism), the indication parts (including the pointer and the dial) and the shell (including the case, the inner liner and the glass), etc. Composition. The working principle of the low pressure gauge is based on the elastic deformation of the free end of the bellows under the pressure of the measured medium, and then it is transmitted and amplified through the gear transmission mechanism, and the pointer fixed on the gear shaft indicates the measured values one by one on the dial, and there is also a zeroing device, which allows for easy adjustment of the zero position.

Low pressure gauge’s measuring range is -80-600000Pa, the measuring pressure range is relatively small, belongs to the low pressure, so it is called low pressure gauge, and it is mostly used to measure the micro-alteration pressure and negative pressure of the gas which is corrosive to the copper alloy and has no danger of exploding, and it is widely used in the fields of medicine, heating, gas pipeline, combustion device, air conditioning, boiler ventilation and many industries. The pressure gauge is widely used in medicine, heating, gas pipeline, combustion device, air conditioning, boiler ventilation and many industrial fields.

Low pressure gauge and ordinary pressure gauge is a certain difference, the difference between the two is reflected in the following points:

1, the pressure gauge is included in the membrane box pressure gauge, micro-pressure gauge is a kind of pressure gauge, usually commonly used to measure the gas or micro-pressure; and the measurement medium of the ordinary pressure gauge is relatively wide.

2, the measurement range is different, the main measurement of the membrane box pressure gauge is micro-pressure and negative pressure, while the pressure gauge according to different kinds, can measure different pressure ranges, including negative pressure, micro-pressure, medium pressure, high pressure and so on.

3, different accuracy levels, ordinary pressure gauge accuracy level has a lot of common 1.6, 2.5, some precision pressure gauge accuracy level is higher; and micro-pressure gauge because it is only used to measure the micro-pressure, so the accuracy level does not need to be too high, usually only 2.5.

4, that the pressure unit is different, ordinary pressure gauge pressure unit mpa, kpa, bar, mbar, pa, kg/cm², etc., while the membrane box pressure gauge due to the limited measurement range, generally only kpa.

5, the inner core is different, ordinary pressure gauge is spring tube as the inner core, while the inner core of the membrane box pressure gauge is made of diaphragm.

6, the use of different, ordinary pressure gauge is used to measure the pressure force of non-oxidizing liquid gas, etc., the use of micro-pressure gauge mainly has two aspects, one is the measurement of oxidation-resistant application of occasions to measure the pressure, and the second is the application of food hygiene to measure the pressure.

Low pressure gauge daily is divided into two kinds, one for the ordinary low pressure gauge, used to measure the steel alloy without corrosive effect of gas micro-pressure. Its common characteristics are: membrane box material and joint material are copper alloy. The other is corrosion-resistant diaphragm pressure gauge, which is characterized by the material of the diaphragm box and connector material are SUS316 or SUS304 mainly used in corrosive environments to measure the small pressure of corrosive gases. First of all, the range of low pressure gauge is -80 ~ 60000 Pa, according to different pressure range to choose different bellows pressure gauge. When the pressure is -1000 Pa ~ 60000 Pa, disk bellows pressure gauge is recommended, and when the pressure is -80 Pa, rectangular bellows pressure gauge is recommended.

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