Three Reasons for Pressure Gauge Inaccuracies

Pressure gauge is used to realize the pressure measurement equipment in production and life, the most important thing in the use of pressure gauge is the pressure gauge
The most important thing in the use of pressure gauges is the accuracy of the indication. Whether the pressure gauge indication is accurate, whether there is an error, in addition to some factors of the pressure gauge itself, external factors will also have an impact on the indication results.
1、Pressure gauge affected by vibration
Pressure gauge in the vibration of the environment will also appear inaccurate indication of the situation, violent vibration will be directly caused by the deformation of the elastic element of the pressure gauge, affecting the sensitivity of the pressure gauge, the accuracy and the user of the pressure gauge indication of the value of the reading. Pressure gauge anti-vibration measures are mainly to install buffer devices and shock absorbing devices.
2、Pressure gauge affected by overload
Pressure gauge overload operation does not just mean that the pressure gauge indicator value to reach the maximum dial, in fact, more than 2/3 of the full scale position, the pressure gauge elastic element is already in the near limit state. Pressure gauge in the state of overload for a long time, its internal elastic components such as spring tube, diaphragm will be in a long-term limit or near-limit deformation state and the elasticity of the elastic weakened or even elastic loss, and ultimately permanent deformation occurs.
3、Pressure gauge affected by temperature
Pressure gauge pressure measurement is mainly dependent on its internal spring tube and other elastic components, in the temperature higher or lower environment, the pressure gauge elastic components will be deformed under the action of temperature, especially long-term work in high temperature media pressure gauge, the elastic components may be permanently deformed, which will also cause the pressure gauge display error.
The use of pressure gauges, it is necessary to minimize the impact of temperature on the indication value of the pressure gauge, the most direct and effective way is to avoid the pressure gauge in the abnormal temperature environment, if it can not be avoided then the pressure gauge should be done to prevent high temperature or cold treatment, such as the pressure gauge to install a condensing device or heat preservation device, etc..