Diaphragm Pressure Gauges

ELSAMED 2.5” low pressure diaphragm gauge offers the pinnacle in both performance and accuracy for pressure and vacuum applications up to and including 15 psi. The diaphragm components are supplied by Bachmaier&Klemmer GMBH.

Oil Filled Pressure Gauges 

ELSAMED brass wetted part oil-filled pressure gauges are rugged & durable and suited for a wide variety of commercial and general service applications. ELSAMED stainless steel oil-filled pressure gauges are attractively priced gauges for applications where the process fluid requires stainless steel wetted components.

Tradicator Boiler Gauges

ELSAMED 3” tridicator dual indicating pressure/temperature gauges, combine the value of an individual pressure gauge and thermometer in one instrument.

Process Pressure Gauges

ELSAMED 4.5” process gauges are furnished in a solid-front, turret-style case, molded in hi-impact polypropylene, which is ideally suited for corrosive and difficult environments.

Refrigeration Manifold Gauges

ELSAMED refrigeration manifold gauges provide the various types of different refrigerants, brass refrigeration manifold gauge body or aluminum refrigeration manifold gauge body, with or without sight glass refrigeration manifold gauge, all refrigerants are available.